'Before The Night'

Short Film (Narrative)

‘Before The Night’ is a short film about George, an elderly man who has lost his wife. It explores the long term effects of grief and how his once full life has lost its meaning, caused by the void his wife’s absence has left.

Despite presenting a stoic front to the outside world, inside George is numb, existing in a cycle of isolation and loneliness, struggling to find a continued purpose. As the once immaculate home they shared begins to deteriorate, George seeks solace working in the garden, trying to maintain at least part of the life he once had. 

With its observational cinematography and evocative original score, the film captures a series of intimate nuances which offer a glimpse into George’s daily life.

This film was born out of personal experiences of director Sam Huntley and writer Charlotte Regan witnessing older members of the family, and within the wider community, struggle to readjust or adapt after the loss of a long term partner. 

Written and Directed by: Sam Huntley
Based on an original short story by: Charlotte Regan
Editor: Patric Ryan 
Produced by: Sam Jackson and Sam Huntley
Starring: Philip Harvey
Director of Photography: Will Humphris
First Assistant Camera: Stephanie Kennedy
Production Designer: Gillian O'Brien
Art Department Assistant: Josie Rossouw
Production Assistant: Charlotte Regan
Location Contact: Clive Hooley
Camera Hire: SHIFT 4, London
Editor's Assistant: Melissa Geczy
Offline Edit Facility: Marshall Street Editors
Colourist: Ben Rogers
Telecine Assistant: Jenny Cachero
Telecine Facility: Gramercy Park Studios
Post Production Producer: Chris Chard
Flame Artists: Nick John and Oliver Ramsay
Online Edit Facility: Coffee & TV
Sound Design and Mix: Phil Bolland
Audio Post Production Facility: Factory
Music Production and Supervision: Siren
Composer: Jon Clarke
Producer/Supervisor: Siân Rogers
Executive Producer: Sean Atherton
String Quartet from London Metropolitan Orchestra
Musical Director: Andy Brown
Pianist: Jon Clarke
Score Recorded at Studio 1, Abbey Road, London