Sam Huntley is an independent filmmaker working across commercials, short films and documentaries. He has a nuanced photographic style and is known for drawing out authentic performances from his subjects.

Sam has directed campaigns for a diverse range of clients and his films have been shortlisted at more than 45 international film festivals, winning numerous awards.

He recently debuted his first feature documentary; 'Mary Deboutez Zellmer Fenoglio', an intimate portrait of an eccentric curiosity storeowner born and raised in rural Kansas, USA.

His latest film ‘So Let Me Tell You A Little Story’ is a portrait of Tony Hudgell, a young boy who was abused so badly by his birth parents that he had to have his legs amputated, and has now become something of a national treasure due to his incredible fundraising efforts.

Based in London, Sam is available worldwide on a freelance basis.


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